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Started in 2018, Take Two Treatery set out to save slaughter-bound horses. Since then, a few things have changed. Through experiences and countless hours of research, we realized a vast majority of those slaughter-bound horses came straight from the track. Because of this, we've shifted focuses during our 2020 refresh onto saving and supporting OTTB (Off the Track Thoroughbreds) rescues and rehomers. We're proud to say that the first 15% of our proceeds are donated directly to the Retired Racehorse Project.

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At only 18 years old, Zoey developed a vision to help save horses in need. Combining her love for horses as well as making tasty equine snacks, she created Take Two Treatery. 

Zoey is currently attending North Carolina State University, studying Animal Sciences with a focus on Equine Industry. In addition, she is minoring in Agricultural Business Management and Nutrition. Aside from school, she has been riding for over 10 years in multiple english disciplines. Nowadays, she teaches riding lessons, trains young horses, grooms, and exercises sale horses. Throughout this, she has gained much knowledge not only about horses, but the very OTTBs she's passionate about saving.



Retired RaceHorse Project

Instead of selecting one or two smaller OTTB organizations, we've opted to elect our donations to the Retired Racehorse Project. The Retired Racehorse Project assists a number of racehorse rehabilitation and placement programs. Because of their expansive network, we found this Non Profit to be our best choice. The first 15% of our proceeds will ALWAYS go here first on a monthly basis.